CWLSFA - General Policies and League Rules - Agreement 1 of 3

  1. Before Players may participate in any Practices or Games all Registration Requirements must be completed.
  2. Parents and Players are required by CWLSFA to participate in one major fundraiser each year. The CWLSFA have designated the specific fundraiser to be the fall Candy Sale. To participate means that your child must sell one box of candy. You as Parents/Guardians are responsible for the candy and money. The candy must be picked up at the designated time and place. The money must be returned by the designated time to the League. Failure to comply will result in your child not being allowed to participate in practices or games until the money is returned. No unsold candy may be returned. You are responsible for the entire box once you take it. Those that do not wish to participate in the fundraiser may be granted an exemption from doing so by paying a $30.00 donation per child to CWLSFA which will be due at the commencement of the Candy Sale.
  3. In order to hold registration fees to minimum, parents will be required to work on such tasks as the concession stand, stadium cleanup, field setup, chain crews, team managers, and any other volunteer position which benefits the achievement of a successful program.
  4. Parents/Guardians must arrive in a timely manner for all games and practices. One Parent/Guardian must attend every function their child is at. Practices will be at specified times, designated by the Head Coach of each Level. Practices will not extend beyond 8pm at any time. The Coaches will not leave until every player has been picked. If you arranged with the Coaching staff to not be there for Practice/Games, you must ensure the Child's designated ride is on time to pick up your Child.
    • a.) Participants are expected to attend all practices. The last practice before a game is mandatory. Failure to attend 50% of the weekly practices or the last practice before a game may result in the player sitting out the game for that week. The use of this rule must be approve by the Varsity Head Coach.
    • b.) Excused absences will be granted (i.e. illness, family emergency, vacation, schoolwork, etc) please inform the Coaching staff if any of these absences are going to occur.
  5. CWLSFA will not tolerate the use of Profane or Abusive Language, Alcohol or Offensive Behavior. The use of Tobacco Products is Prohibited on School Property. The use of School Facilities is a privilege for CWLSFA, please don't jeopardize it.
  6. Team sports require team efforts. The Coaches will have the authority to discipline a Player during a Practice or Games for reasons felt necessary by the Coaches to maintain order and control of the players. The Coaches will use a Constructive approach to discipline up to and including ejecting a player from the field of Practice or Games to sit on the bench.
  7. The Player selection for the Varsity teams will be comprised of the Players that will make the team most competitive. Selection will be at the sole discretion of the Varsity Head Coach. The remaining Players will be Drafted by Junior Varsity Asst. Head Coaches (White and Blue Teams). Players earn playing time on each Squad, however the competitive nature of the Varsity Squad may not afford every player equal or any playing time in some competitive situations. the JV Asst. Head Coaches will make every effort to get each player equal playing time if earned.
  8. The Squads will be separated at the end of the 1st week of Practice. You will be notified prior to the next Practice what Squad your child is on. The White Junior Varsity Squad is the designated Sibling Squad. If you have more than one child playing on the Junior Varsity Squad at different Levels, they will all play on the White JV Squad which will allow for ease of travel arrangements for Parents/Legal Guardians.
  9. All Parents, Players and Coaches, must submit a signed copy of their respective 'Conduct Agreements'.
  10. I, the undersigned have read the General Policies and League Rules as stated by the CWLSFA Executive Board. I hereby agree to abide by the same. I have also read and fully understand the penalties prescribed by the CWLSFA 'Conduct Agreements'. By my signature I agree to these terms and conditions and will ensure that all other Parents/Legal Guardians, Relatives, Children and/or Guests of my Player will abide by the same terms and conditions. I further understand that no refunds will offered after Player Suit-up is complete, unless approved as an exceptional circumstance by the CWLSFA Executive Board

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