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AUG 2021 — CWCA Welcomes Youth Field Hockey ( more ... )

RE: Mandatory Background Checks for all volunteers ...

Just a reminder ALL volunteers (paid and unpaid) including coaches and board members need the following clearances.

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We have one in-person meeting a year in February and 3 online meetings a year via email. 

Questions about the CWCA may directed to the board at info@cwcasports.org

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The Conrad Weiser Community Association (CWCA) offers local youth sports clubs (and potentially other, community service organizations) a legal corporate framework for protection and support, by allowing them to share our official corporate name and government-approved tax-exempt status. Member Clubs enjoy the collective support and shared resources of a larger enterprise, while still maintaining complete autonomy over the management of their coaches, teams, players and volunteers. CWCA Member Clubs control their own registration process and handle their own fund-raising; they also have access to user-friendly web-based tools for collecting member data, registration fees, and club/team/player management functions. For a small fee of $3 per player per year, CWCA handles financial reporting and includes all member clubs in their Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance Policy. CWCA Members also share information about fundraising and player, coach or parental concerns in order to mitigate risk of conflicts that may cross over between different youth sports clubs in the Conrad Weiser Area School District and the surrounding community.

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The primary purpose of this Association is to support and improve community programs in the Conrad Weiser [Area] School District through private funding.

The secondary purpose of this Association is to provide the minimum framework/guidelines necessary for the operation of each Member Youth Program (see Appendix D, Definitions). The minimum framework/guidelines address the following:

CWCA Documentation:

Please feel free to download any of the following PDF documents to learn more about our organization and its goals...

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