CWCA Payment Form Directions:

If you are already PAID, please CLICK HERE to finish registering

CWCA Code of Conduct:

BEFORE YOU REGISTER: All parents, players, guests and volunteers are subject to the CWCA Code of Conduct and must behave accordingly. Participation in any of these events or activities is at the sole discretion of the CWCA and its member clubs. Failure to abide by club rules may result in exclusion from one or all of its member youth sports clubs. Any incidents that are of concern should be reported through appropriate channels: 1st to the coach of your team, 2nd to the member-club officers, and 3rd to the CWCA board.

See also the CWCA Mandated Reporter Information Sheet

Thank you for your help in making CWCA Youth Sports Clubs a success
by setting a good example for our children.


Payment & Registration Process:

Make sure you have read and understand the directions below.
Registration is a TWO-PART PROCESS!!

  1. PAY securely with PayPal and
  2. Enter Player data HERE.

Payment is due at the time of registration. Once you pay securely online through PayPal you will be redirected to the proper registration form back on

  • STEP 1: Choose a club/season, enter Player Name, click GO
  • STEP 2: Click PAY NOW and go to PayPal
  • [!!] STEP 3: Once paid, find, select, and copy the Paypal Transaction ID# from the confirmation screen. You will need this number to complete the registration process. * Then click the RETURN YOUR CLUBNAME ... link on the confirmation screen at to return to this site ( DO NOT hit the back button to get back to the registration form )
  • STEP 4: Finish Registering player

* PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU FORGET TO COPY THE TRANSACTION ID#, just type PLEASE CONFIRM in the transaction ID form box, and we will put the ID# in there when we confirm registration is completed for this player.

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